Code of Honor

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When his family is murdered, a special-ops operative, Colonel Robert Sikes (Steven Seagal) turns vigilante and wages war on the criminal underworld. As a stealthy, one man assault team, he takes down street gangs, mobsters, and corrupt politicians with extreme prejudice. It is up to his former protege, William Porter, with the help of the local police department to bring his former commander to justice and prevent him from tearing the city apart.
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Director: Michael Winnick Audio: 5.1
Actors: Steven Seagal; Craig Sheffer; Helena Mattsson; James Russo Aspect Ratio: 16.9
Duration: 102 minutes Language: English
Rating: MA15+ Subtitles: Nil
Consumer Advice: Strong violence Retail Price (inc GST): $29.95
Genre: Action Format: BD
Cat No: 3084 For Fans Of: The Expendables; John Wick; Man On Fire
Year of Production: 2016 IMDB Link: