Garfield Goes West

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Sheriffs, Cowboys and a moustache mob robbing banks. It’s a western movie and the Director? ... not exactly a cool’s Nermal! His cast includes Eddie Gourmad as the sheriff, soon to be replaced by a certain Jon Arbuckle with Garfield and Odie as deputies. Nermal, wishing to break all box-office records ever, has also hired a singing rat, a bunch of Ninjas and a zombie!
Product Information
Director: Phillipe Vidal Audio: 2.0
Actors: Frank Welker (voice); Wally Wingert (voice); Gregg Berger (voice); Jason Marsden (voice) Aspect Ratio: 16.9
Duration: 62 minutes Language: English
Rating: G Subtitles: Nil
Consumer Advice: Very mild themes  Retail Price (inc GST): $24.95
Genre: Animation Format: DVD
Cat No: 3165 For Fans Of: Garfield: The Movie; Garfield Gets Real; Top cat: The Movie
Year of Production: 2013 IMDB Link: