Apartment 1303

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When several young women mysteriously die after taking residence on the 13th floor of a beautiful apartment block, a series of terrible coincidence appears to have taken place. But when the sister of one victim investigates the previous tenants of Apartment 1303, she uncovers a shocking history filled with gruesome physical, torture, and an angry, malevolent spirit hell-bent on gaining vengeance for her own bloody demise.
Product Information
Director: Michael Taverna Audio: 5.1
Actors: Mischa Barton; Rebecca De Mornay; Julianne Michelle; Corey Sevier Aspect Ratio: 16.9
Duration: 85minutes Language: English
Rating: M Subtitles: Nil
Consumer Advice: Horror themes, violence, coarse language, and sexual references Retail Price (inc GST): $29.95
Genre: Horror Format: BLR with 2D & 3D viewing options
Cat No: 2679 For Fans Of: The Ring; The Grudge; Paranormal Activity
Year of Production: 2012 Bonus Material: Contains the full original Japanese version of Apartment 1303