Deadtime Stories Vol 2

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George A. Romero Presents Deadtime Stories Volume 2
deadtimestoriesvol2-s A three-part anthology From the evil mind of George A. Romero, who unleashed Day Of The Dead, Diary Of The Dead, and the horror classic, Night Of The Living Dead, comes three bedtime tales that will dare you to fall asleep!
On Sabbath Hill: A professor with a stickler for attendance breaks off an affair with a student and discovers that even deathwont keep her from coming.
Dust: A security guard at a high-tech lab steals dust from Mars to cure his terminally ill wife. And if it can cure cancerwhat else can it do
The Gorge: A girl, her fianc, and his best friend get caught in a mountain cave-in. And get hungry. Very hungry.
Director: Matt Walsh
Duration: 98 minutes
Rating: R18+
Consumer Advice: High impact horror violence, blood & gore
Genre: Horror
Cat No: 2531
Actors: John Rimauldi; Same Redford; Patrick Jordan; Barret Hackney
Year of Production: 2009
Audio: 2.0
Aspect Ratio: 16.9
Subtitles: Nil
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Format (DVD, Blu Ray): DVD
Packaging: Amaray
Number of Discs: 1
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