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Due for Release: March 2020
$ 29.95
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When Kara, a single mother struggling to raise two children in New York City, receives a job offer to work as a private nurse in the mid-West, it’s an opportunity she can’t refuse. So, she uproots her family, moving them to the remote farm owned by Walter, a semi-retired antiquities appraiser who has multiple sclerosis. At first, things seem normal enough. But what Kara doesn’t know is that doom preceded their arrival in the form of a mysterious ancient relic. And, if her family are to survive the horrific nightmare now lurking in the shadows, they will need to confront their deepest fears and personal demons.

Product Information
Director: Micah Gallo Audio: 5.1
Actors: Bruce Davison, Elizabeth Roberts & Denise Crosby Aspect Ratio: 16.9
Duration: 90 minutes Language: English
Rating: MA15+ Subtitles: Nil
Consumer Advice: Strong horror themes and injury detail
Retail Price (inc GST): $29.95
Genre: Horror Format: DVD
Cat No: 3359 For Fans Of: Arachnophobia, Anaconda & Lake Placid
Year of Production: 2019 Reviews: IMDB   ROTTEN TOMATOES