Dantes Cove - Season 3

$ 14.95

Dante's Cove - Season 3
thumb_dantes_cove_season_3 America's sexiest guilty pleasure is back for a third season. Power is shifting on Dante's Cove as an enigmatic new force makes its presence known. Resident witch Grace makes her way back to the Cove seeking revenge on her sister Diana, while Ambrosius' powers mysteriously begin to disappear. Things are turned on their head when a former resident returns to the island and wreaks havoc on the lives of those around her. Budding romantic ties are tested as old loves attempt to rekindle fires that once burned, and in a soaring climax an unlikely trio joins forces to restore the balance of power as the fate of Dante's Cove falls into the hands of one unsuspecting resident.
Director: Sam Irvin
Duration: 300minutes
Rating: MA15+
Genre: T. V. Series/ Supernatural
Cat No: 2172
Actors: William Gregory Lee, Gregory Michael, Charlie David
Producer: Paul Colichman
Rental ReleaseDate: 26.03.08
Retail Release Date: 10.04.08
Year of Production: 2007
Audio: AC3
Aspect Ratio: 4.3
Retail Price (inc GST): $39.95
Marketing: Gaydar
Reviews: DNA, B News, Queensland Pride
Format (DVD, Blue Ray, etc): DVD
Packaging: Red Tag
Number of Discs: 2