Running Deep

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Running Deep
thumb_runnin_deep Consumed by guilt following the recent death of his wife Katie, philandering husband Michael Barnes embarks on a painful quest to reunite with his sons. Michael's adopted son Matt is a successful trader on Wall Street, and a tormented drug addict involved in a bitter divorce dispute. His other son Kevin is struggling to make ends meet by working as a bartender in a gay disco. Kevin longs to break free of his malevolent boyfriend Danny, but just can't seem to summon the strength to do so with confidence. Upon discovering that Katie has willed her sons the beach house where they spent every summer of their youth, the two brothers and their broken father all make way to the place where memories were formed in hopes of reestablishing their broken bonds.
Director: Mark Kokkoros
Duration: 107minutes
Rating: M15+
Genre: Drama
Cat No: 2251
Actors: Geoff Wilner, Ron Lincoln, Mike Williams
Producer: Mark Kokkoros, Geoff Wilner
RentalReleaseDate: 28.10.08
Retail Release Date: 06.11.08
Year of Production: 2007
Audio: AC3
Aspect Ratio: 4.3
Retail Price (inc GST): $29.95
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Reviews: DNA Magazine
Format (DVD, Blue Ray, etc): DVD
Packaging: Red Tag
Number of Discs: 1