War Machines Of WWII

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The War Machines Of WWII
warmachiness At the heart of any war is strategy - and behind every strategy is a well-oiled military machine. In order to keep the machine running during a time of crisis, every branch of a nation's armed forces must come together, pooling their collective might to ensure their country emerges the victor. When the machine works, it becomes an ugly beast that cannot be stopped until no roadblock is left standing. When the machine doesn't work, disaster will surely follow. Nowhere was the machine of war more evident than during WWII. When armies saw their might challenged like never before, they pushed themselves into overdrive, with everyone desperately vying for the title that only one would ultimately claim. The War Machines of WWII takes a look at the forces behind some of the most famous military machines of the war in a 6-disc collection that exposes the inner workings of the American and German armies. Viewers are taken behind the scenes of the two most powerful factions of WWII; from the extraordinary early achievments of the Lutwaffe to the triumph of the American Army, this collection reveals just how much is put on the line to keep the machines running.
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