UFO Hunters - Season 1

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UFO Hunters - Season 1
ufohunters_m They look to the stars, to the earth, and within the human body. Their determination, attitude, and methodologies stand strong against ridicule and disbelief. Passionate about seperating fact from fallacy, they are the UFO research elite... they are the UFO HUNTERS. Join in the hunt and follow a leading group of researchers as they open their files and investigate UFO cases and crash sites in search of physical evidence of UFOs and alien life forms. From Roswell and the start of Project Blue Book, to the UFO sightings of the 21st century; between exploration of the cosmos and the alleged removal of alien implants... UFO HUNTERS seeks the answers to the mysteries of the UFO phenomenon while demonstating scientific evidence that pushes boundaries of modern-day thinking.
Duration: 611minutes
Rating: PG
Genre: Documentary / TV Series
Cat No: 2418
Year of Production: 2008
Audio: 2.0
Aspect Ratio: 16.9
Retail Price (inc GST): $49.95
Format (DVD, Blu ray, etc): DVD
Packaging: Amaray
Number of Discs: 4
Similar Title: Mythbusters
Additional Notes: As seen on the History Channel