The Tracker

Due for Release: February 2022
$ 29.95
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Years ago, the wife and daughter of Aiden (Dolph Lundgren) were abducted and killed while on vacation in southern Italy. Now, more than a decade later, a detective with new evidence calls Aiden to the scene of the crime – but when Aiden arrives, he finds the cop murdered and the police refusing to help. Aiden must use his skills as a sniper and warrior to unravel the vast conspiracy behind his loved ones’ murders. This pulse pounding action thriller weaves a stunning tale of justice and revenge.

Product Information
Director: Georgio Serafini Audio: 5.1
Actors: Dolph Ludgren, Cosimo Fusco, Marta Gastini & Justin Fischer Aspect Ratio: 16.9
Duration: 83 minutes Language: English
Rating: M Subtitles: Nil
Consumer Advice: Violence and coarse language Retail Price (inc GST): $29.95
Genre: Action Format: DVD
Cat No: 3468 For Fans Of: Black Water, The Expendables & Universal Soldier
Year of Production: 2019 Reviews: IMDB