On Life & Enlightenment

$ 9.45

On Life and enlightenment explores Tibetan Vajrayana Buddism in all its various manifestations. The concept of the liberated mind through compassion and discipline has created a multitude of forms that resonate with the grandeur of the Karakoram Himalayas and the extremes of austerity and sacrifice. Over a thousand years the Tibetans have crystallized the ideas of non-duality and realized the pathways of the mind. They developed techniques and rituals each of which was designed to bring the adept closer to the spiritual heights held as the ideal. This 5-part program takes you to the upper reches of the Himalayas and across thousands of miles to go inside the thriving monasteries in Tibet and India. You will witness the spiritual journeys that thousands of Buddhist monks undergo in their rigorous training and spectacular ancient rituals. The path to enlightenment is presented through these insightful teachings and techniques.